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"Designing Camera Stations for High Quality Imaging and Management Solutions"

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It’s in the configuration, training and protocols. 

You don’t need expensive equipment or a photographer to capture professional images consistently.

Whether in a studio, lab, warehouse or in the field we will design a customized image capture solution to meet your needs and budget.

We will evaluate your existing system and develop a configuration of equipment, software, training and protocols to deliver an integrated image management solution to meet your specifications. FDI can then provide the installation and testing, user training and establish standard operating procedures to ensure consistent, high-quality results with quality control measures.

Table-Top Camera Stations

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Working  camera stations in a lab

Compressed Tabletop camera station

Field Photography Kit

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Starting at $9,000

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Large Camera Stations

Scanning Stations

Field Photography Training

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A complete digital imaging capture station will facilitate the digital capture, management, transfer and output of professional quality images.  The set-up and design of the system components combined with standards and training result in an intuitive and simple image capture while maintaining a high standard for quality. State of the art equipment and procedures are designed to provide high quality photographs and digital information with minimal training. An integrated capture station will allow for the efficient transfer of digital images and associated data into your existing digital asset inventory system. A complete imaging system can easily integrate additional equipment for capture from multiple media sources such as digital cameras, flatbed scanners, film scanners, audio/video recorders, drones, barcode readers, etc.

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Large Studio Stations