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"Designing Camera Stations for High Quality Image Capture with No Post Processing"

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You want good quality images?


  The images in the slideshow above were “Not Photoshopped”, they were taken by numerous individuals, from six different camera stations, at three different locations over a six month period. None of these individuals had any photography experience, except their cell phone camera. All of them received a three-hour hands-on training course from FDI, along with quality control reviews to ensure consistency.











FDI provided the capture stations, created the procedures, trained the technicians, and provided easy to understand operation guides.  

  In the lab/studio FDI teaches everyone the same photographic methods for capturing high quality images of artifacts using the same equipment and software. They are taught how to achieve shadow less pure white or black backgrounds directly from the camera without having to do additional post processing.  They are taught how to use a single LED light source and reflectors to create fine surface details on artifacts for diagnostic analysis.

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  In the field FDI teaches individuals and groups how to correctly capture panoramic, overall, midrange, and closeup images to document an area or structure. By combining forensic crime scene techniques with archaeological field photography "Best Practices" FDI develops customized training courses that include classroom and hands-on practical exercises.  FDI first consults with their client’s administrative staff to determine what specific subject matter to focus the training on. Then they coordinate classroom facilities and on-site and/or off-site locations for the practical exercises. FDI then provides their client with a training outline and a cost estimate.











Along with the basics of field photography students can also receive training on the following topics:

  • Wireless remote viewing and controlling their camera from a cell phone or tablet

  • Geotagging images with GPS metadata to sync with google maps

  • Drone photography (aerial images and HD video)

  • Using reflectors, deflectors, and external light sources to control light

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The historic case study of how forensics blended with archaeology in a war-torn Iraq to recover the evidence of genicide.


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FDI and VCP 


  Since 2009, Forensic Digital Imaging, Inc. has been working as a contractor for the US Army Corp of Engineers, St. Louis District, administering and overseeing digital imaging for all the Veterans Curation Program facilities and imaging staff.


 FDI provides hands-on training to every veteran

technician and lab management that has

participated in the program. Additionally, FDI

performs weekly remote quality control review of

every image and submits weekly situation reports.


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