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"Designing Camera Stations for High Quality Imaging and Management Solutions"

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Veterans Curation Program

Forensic Digital Imaging (FDI) specializes in Digital Image Capture and Management of high-value collections and projects. Whether in a studio environment or field investigation, before making an investment in equipment, software or personnel, FDI will evaluate your existing system and design a customized imaging solution to deliver a professional high-quality digital image and database. FDI will research the latest technologies in software and equipment to configure a portable or permanent digital capture station.  


To ensure consistency and quality, FDI will develop customized procedures and protocols. Personnel will receive hands-on training on the equipment and software to achieve technical proficiency.  Quality control measures are integral to maintaining and ensuring an image management system to meet user needs.


Forensic Digital Imaging can seamlessly transfer the precision of forensic techniques used for evidence photography and apply them to the digital documentation of artifacts, objects and locations.

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Field Photography Training


Digital Capture Stations

Custom Table-Top Camera Stations

Starting at $5,000 with installation

Detail Quality Diagnostics Consistancy

Field Photography Training